Between The Lies (betweenthelies) wrote,
Between The Lies


just listening to the entire gameover discography at the minute....fuck that brings back some good memories....and oh boy do i need some good memories right now.....went to sydney last week...saw probably one of the best shows i've ever been to and smashed some bottles with some pretty awesome human units...

but can't get over this feeling of's probably got something to do with exams and how fucking cold it is and how i never have any money and there's never enough beer in the house but fuck it's depressing....struggling to find the energy to do anything of interest that i would normally do....even made up an excuse to get out of playing league today.....missed the last state of mind show which was shit and it's been all downhill from there really....guess i could've gone by myself but i reckon i had hypothermia from training and the fucking cars on the road had their high beams on which gave me a massive headache but meh.....hopefully things pick up soon...

thank fuck for 90's punk rock and emo hey
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