Between The Lies (betweenthelies) wrote,
Between The Lies

so i'mmmm

living with my brother at the's pretty sweet, not as close to the city as i would like but that will happen away from home for the first time is kewl and i seem to have more time. so alas i really wanna get my band started and it will include the following things:

- xl shirts
- propagandhi style snotty sarcastic shit talk (ohhhhh so much shit talking)
- standard tuning but will still be metallic
- proper fucking lyrics that acthel mean something (not "why'd you change mannnnnnnn, friends til the end blah blah blah putyrhatonstraightandstopgoingtobanginabreakevenshirtthey'refuckingshitanywayjustamilesawayclone fuckwit type" lyrics)
- song explanations that don't need to be printed on A3 paper type
- only 1 (if any) merch design
- organise shows with bands that we actually like

i reckon my myspace about me is fairly crisp...and i reckon learning fast car by tracy chapman on guitar would be about my finest effort....
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